bunny hop

I leave Berlin for a couple of weeks and the neighborhood turns into a zoo. We're riding through Wedding last night, twilight. A toaster-sized fuzzy brown lump on a plattenbau lawn catches our eye -- a bunny, sniffing around, nibbling dry grass. We think, aww. Poor bunny's been turned out of some uncaring household for gnawing one too many sofa corners. Brief weakness for fuzzy animals kicks in but then is quelled (we do not need a rabbit in the house.) We ride on to the next lawn where not one, but two lumps are doing the same nibble prance, complete with a couple of brief panic-bursts of hopping to a more lush plot. We look around for other amazed passers-by, but it's only us, the TV-buzzing plattenbau, and our harem of hasen grabbing a bite to eat before the sun finally sets.

Who knew that rabbits ran wild in Wedding? Not me. But then again, the wild boar have staked quite a claim on most of the city's outskirts. I think it's probably a development the locals could actually approve. Out with the invading "yuppies," and in with the wild things.